WBM Wealth Builders Movement

Teaches how to build generational wealth, black wealth and brown wealth by interviewing those who do it best. Get tips on stock market investing, real estate investing and acquiring venture capital. Learn how to earn money and build generational wealth through financial wellness, entrepreneurship and ownership.

WBM Wealth Wellness:
Live 9/4/21 @ 7pm WBM Real Estate: Live 9/5/21 @ 7pm WBM Entrepreneurship: Live 9/6/21 @ 7pm WBM Investment: Live 9/7/21 @ 7pm WBM Funding Fundamentals: Live 9/8/21 @ 7pm

Wealth Builder Movement – 9.5.21 – WBM Real Estate

Wealth Builder Movement 9.6.21 @ 7pm Entrepreneurship

Wealth Builder Movement – 9.7.21 – WBM Investment

Wealth Builder Movement – 9.7.21 – @7pm
WBM Funding Fundamentals